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2017 Training Ride Schedule 2017 Training Ride Schedule

More Training Rides to come.  Here are a couple popular weekly rides.


  • Mid April - Mid October: Saturday 7:30AM Latte Ride, Pittsford, N.Y. Cats 1-5, 22MPH+
    (AKA - "Saturday Morning Coffee Shop World Championships")  :)
     Ride, "Drop or be Dropped Ride"

  • Mid April - Mid October: Wednesday 5:30PM, Webster, N.Y. Cats 1-5, "Tri-Ride" includes world class age group triathletes, and Cats 2-5 Road Racers as well as very strong recreational riders who don't race.
    "Drop or be Dropped Ride"

  • November 1st to February 28th Training Rides:  Leave from Park Ave Bike 10:00 a.m.  Saturday and Sunday.  35-45 miles bring your fixie, cross, or mountain bike

    Year Round Training riders for our team, leaving from various locations in the Fairport area.  Strong tempo rides, always stay together or re-group, if necessary.

Pittsford Painting/NYPS Cycling
Pittsford, New York
…a 50+ Masters Team