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Mark's Blog - 2014

Mark's Blog - 2014 Mark's Blog - 2014

Something new for 2014.  A way for our team to stay in touch and know what the other riders are doing, as most of us end up training by ourselves due to time issues or very individual training sessions, depending upon the rider and what races they have coming up.

Most recent blogs are at the top (in descending chronological order)


April 4th:  At B & B in Cambridge, NY I have stayed at last 8 years or so, about a 5 min ride to the race, Battenkill.  rained last night so unpaved roads are all mud and potholes, not good.  And 44 degrees, partly sunny but winds in excess of 22 mph...gonna be a tough day!  Just want good legs, a safe race, no mechanical's and ride smart.  Then no matter where I finish, (like every race) I did my best which is my real goal.  

And meet new and interesting people.  Two representatives from the Tour of Flanders are also staying at this B & B and are having breakfast with them! Know and have ridden with Eddie Merckx and have pics of their last ride with him!  Kinda cool!

FINALLY!!  Won 60/65 Category at Battenkill  Raced the perfect race and had some luck which is what it takes many times.  Snow flurries, winds 25+, mud packed and lots of slippery mud, and good competition made this probably the toughest edition of this race have ever done. 

Attacked field of about 40 just before the covered bridge (about mile 6) and lead out of that hill and the first gravel or rather mud section.  Legs felt great and prayed for a good day and no crashes or mechanical's.

First of real climbing off road sections lead out and attacked with Scott Haverstick (former Battenkill winner and National RR age Group champ) and Dennis Finn out of NJ who I have raced against before and also done hill climbs against...he is smaller than me and climbs like a mountain goat so mostly between the two of us we attacked every climb and just kept whittling down the field until with about 20 miles left were 4 of us, Scott, Dennis, and Jim Laird, former National Canadian Age Group Champ...

We all made it over the last climb together and then the last 3-4 miles of rollers Jim and Scott refuse to go out front and thought I was in a track race as no one wanted to go to the front...knew there were chasers and felt great so just got on the front and rode low tempo pace until with about 1/2 mile to go I attacked and Dennis and Jim dropped off and Scott jumped on my wheel

Knew only chance of beating Scott in the sprint was to go hard early as felt my fitness that day was better than his even though if you lead out the last mile or so one usually gets passed the last 50-150 just before the right hand turn to the finishing straightaway of about 400 meters went for small jump on Scott and felt him there but figured only way to beat him was to go early...I have never sprinted that long and that hard with a tailwind of 25+ and felt I had wings carrying me to the finish as mantra was my son's name as he is in a drug and alcohol rehab and was dedicating this race to him and his health and recovery...may sound corny or weird or BS but really felt his spirit helping me fly to the finish and never feel tired or slowed for a 500 meter sprint finish...

April 1st:  April Fool's Day and hopefully warm weather is not fooling us!  Been doing toooo much with work and training/racing...hopefully will have a good first night racing with these heavy legs :(

Wow!  Greg won the A's and Vlad got 3rd, Carl 5th and I brought up the rear of our team in was a Pitts Painting night!  There is a team championship this year and we are in first place!  Thanks guys for working so hard.

March 29th:  Did first Giro of the 7th out of about 25 Cat 1/2/3 riders from Roch/Buffalo/Syracuse/etc...minor crash about mile 4-5 at the base of a climb and the group shattered into 4-5 groups from all that, with a big attack at the front...ended up with 1 rider from Buffalo so chased 2nd group for 15 miles and FINALLY bridged the gap...caught up to Scheske, Housler and a Buffalo finished in 2nd group...for me, had a great ride, not sure where I got the energy after the Tues Thurs hill intervals...hopefully can take that form and good day into Battenkill...and first Tues night race at Rush...will be good to race with teammates!

Week of March 24 - 28:  Just easy recovery inside rides of 45 minutes...whipped from trip and ride and trip to Morgantown...good climbing workout at Loud Rd area tues and also thurs...might have finally recovered from trip, hopefully, and now getting busy again with business

March 22nd:  Raced in Morgantown RR...40/50/60 age group of about 45 riders and attacks as soon as it started as good rollers for first 2 miles...Ouch!...realize not fully recovered from trip and race of a week ago...mus be getting old :)  never lost a race in the ABRA series of races over last 5 years...turns out not 100% today and recent 4 time national cyclo cross champ (55+ and 60+) in my age group...last 5 miles was 3 huge attack of lead group of 15 and last one legs gave out and he got away...had to chase with one other rider and KILLED myself to get back but never did...2nd place

Weeks of March 18th - 21st:  Tried couple hard rides this week, but not recovered from that 3,500 mile trip and race..

March 17th:  Drove 13 hours to get home

March 16th: Florida Gran Fond, 100 miler, temps about 60 degrees to start, wearing arm warmers (will regret) and sleeveless under team jersey (also regret)...knew no one and spotted Dave Viney, a multi time Canadian national champ in TT, road and maybe crit...he's good!...raced against him before at Killington, Vt...he has a disc wheel on the back...hmmmm, what do I know about Gran Fondo's - nothing, first stay with him and his group hammers the entire ride of 100 miles and then go balls out in the 4 time trials of 3 - 5.5 mile sections...finished ride/race (blew up finally last TT which was actually a good uphill) and took at least 2 hours to start to feel normal...mid March, 100 miles at 22 mph average including two swag stops, so probably averaged mid 20's, 85 degrees, sunny, windy, whew!...

Left about 5:00 to begin ride to hotel at midnight...long day, race started at 8:00AM

March 15th:  Road 60 minutes recovery, race tomorrow, 80 degrees

March 14th:  Road 90 minutes easy with Barb, 80 degrees

March 13th:  Drove to sister's house on the west coast, on the staying at a resort!...road 60 minutes as recovery ride...75 degrees

March 11th:  Drove to St Augustine, city...2 days here...great riding near roads and temps in the 80's, sunny, both days...road 2.5 hours at high endurance/low tempo and next day 2 hours with intervals thrown in...all flat but no traffic and good roads and 80+ degrees and sunny!

March 10th:  Left for Savannah, city, had great meal at a restaurant in downtown...road 90 minutes in 80 degrees...

March 9th:  Left VA to drive to Charlotte, NC to visit family.  Got there and sunny and temps in the 70's.  Rode 90 minutes at low tempo in bibs and ss jerseys!  Roch is supposed to get big storm in a day or so!

Had it with this Weather!!  Barb and I are heading down south for 9 days to visit friends, family, ride, and race.

March 8th:  Left today for Virginia to visit friends who live next to the northern entrance to the Blue Ridge Pkwy...6 hour drive...63 degrees!...surprise, surprise, cost $8 to ride the Pkwy...and then had about a 5 mile climb of about 7% to start that ride, at least had a 2 mile warm up to get there...then road up and down about mile climbs, but seemed to still be going more up than down...road for maybe 90 minutes then turned around...snow all over except the road, much colder up here than down in the valley...the return took 35 minutes of flying downhill mostly and froze as only short sleeve jersey and bibs on but thank goodness thought to wear vest just in case...but hit bottom shaking...and then started sweating by the time back to frieds house 2+ miles from the bottom...amazing views!!

March 1st:  March 1st and woke up to temps in the teens and 3-4 inches of new snow.  At least got 2 workouts in yesterday as did a 1:45 interval workout on Atlantic Ave from Salt Road to the end of Atlantic (east) and did that 2x...had 10-15 min warm up and same cool down, total of 1:45....went home and ate, chilled, went to Towpath for a few things, and did another 1:45 with people from my spin class, endurance type about 16 mph in Pittsford/Mendon/ endurance ride, need those!

Did easy inside spin at Mid Town and then 60 min of stretching and foam rolling...weights Mon and Wed with easy 2 hour spin Tues...then chill with real easy spins Thurs and Fri for first (cold) Giro on Sat...

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