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Riders Race Results/Bios » Danny Waingarten

Danny Waingarten Danny Waingarten

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Age:  65

Occupation: Sales Executive for Usherwood Office Products

Family: Wife: Marilyn; Son: David

Racing Category:  5


2013 Goals:

As a life long athlete, I have always trained to compete. Now that my competitive

days are behind me, I continue to train for lifetime fitness and fun. Most of my training enjoyment

comes with trying to keep up with stronger younger riders which I do regularly. Cycling has  

become a way to continually challenge myself with the next mile, the next hill, the next ride and

like all my previous athletic lives, a way to socialize with other focused competitive athletes.

2013 will also find me giving back to the community. I will again be a "Sheppard on the Ride for

Missing Children". This will be my eleventh year supporting this wonderful cause.

I will also be supporting the Rochester Area Triathletes, supervising the "transition area" for our

annual Triathlon.

Most importantly, I look forward to being helpful in promoting fitness, healthy living and fellowship in 2013.     

2009-2012 Goals:

Enter more local and USCF races and winning 60+ races, Cat 4 upgrade

2008 Highlights:

Two crashes this year and last year hampered both seasons!

Participated in numerous local charity and established group rides

Entered numerous USCF sanctioned races


2007 Racing Highlights:

Entered local and USCF races as a 58 year old rookie!

"Furman Ride" KOM


I have been a life time athlete.  From being an "All Long Island" shortstop in high school baseball, to being a semi-pro racquetball player in it's heydays of the 1980's, (besides a teaching pro for 5+ years), to being one of the top squash players in Rochester in the 1990's, to now being the best 65+ rider in Rochester who occasionally wins the Furman KOM on the tough Wednesday night Tri rides out of Webster, against riders young enough to be my sons, if not grandsons!

I enjoy "the ride" of cycling and life.  I would rather "smell the flowers" on a tough ride rather than the intense levels and commitment of racing.  To each their own!


Pittsford Painting/NYPS Cycling
Pittsford, New York
…a 50+ Masters Team