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March 15th:

Seems like winter is finally over!...last week temps in the 60's and this week 50's and 60 on Saturday!...

Giro's have started and Greg B had a month long cold/flu and has finally recovered and hopefully will race for the first time this weekend...

Vladdy has been real busy at work and is rounding back into racing shape...first week had a top 10 finish and last week flatted in the rain...

Mark had 60 hour work weeks the past 2 weeks so only tried to race on Sundays as too tired and no legs to race on Saturday...but somehow got a 9th and 6th on the two days he raced...

So season underway and with daylight saving time looks like everyone will have time to train after work...

Mark R, Danny and Doug are out there training and working out...Doug has 2 kids under 2 years of age so tough year to train and race...and Mark R. has 2 very active kids in sports programs and spends much of training time taking them to these events...Danny is doing his usual Webster rding and training with his triathlete training partners...






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